Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Web Development in Dubai is More Affordable Than You Thought with Business Live

Business Live is quickly becoming one of the leading web development companies in Dubai with its budget-friendly services and high quality tools.

Business Live is busy paving way for a new web design trend in UAE with its state-of-the-art web design services. Unlike the regular off-the-shelf WDS products available on every corner, Business Live vows to stand out and give its clients the X factor in success. Without a doubt, the need for business websites cannot be denied no matter which sector and industry you are in. Almost every business, large or small has created some form of online image to accumulate a place in the ever-expanding world of the internet.

Among the many firms set up for web design development in Dubai, Business Live offers a vast service portfolio which can meet diverse business needs. Its in-demand services include custom web design services, Search Engine Optimization, digital marketing and advertising, content writing and brand building.

Business Live has gathered a highly qualified team of experts to ensure superior quality and a creativity at a greater level. After all, it’s not about building any website, it’s about building a great website which comes with usability, functionality and eye-catching aesthetics. But what really gave Business Live the competitive edge it needed was its ability to meet low-budget projects with exceptional quality outcome. So even if you own a relatively small-sized company, you can still compete with the best out there by opting for web design services at Business Live.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Online coupon sales and eCommerce in India

We all Indians are well known for hunting discount during purchasing any new product. Now a-days it doesn’t matter whether we are doing this online or offline, we can’t resist let go a good bargain or a deal. We always look for discount when buying from a brick and mortar shop and never forget to compare sites when purchasing via online shopping portals. After searching tons of sites we finally find the most affordable price, from coupon searching websites like CupoNation, CouponDaddy and CouponDekho just before finalizing to buy we start looking to save a few hundred rupees from the actual price.

As per the latest survey on online coupon portals has found 5 out of 6 people use coupons during online shopping.  And a majority of shoppers are females with approx. age of 20-35 years. Men are also increasing their share in this.

Even after survey about how these members interact with coupon for online shopping has majority answer is either via from search engines, social media sites, e-mail marketing and blogs. So we can’t ignore this fact that our Indian market is very much affected by online marketing. And this will increase day by day with more viral state, and coupon business will increase in parallel.